Why Doctors Choose Medifast

Many of you have likely seen Medifast advertising which highlighted the rather impressive number of doctors who have recommended Medifast to their customers. Why so many you may ask yourself? It doesn’t seem like other plans can make similar claims. What makes Medifast special that they medical community can get behind it? Because they know it, and they can get behind it.

A short clip showing Dr. Child discussing Medifast’s safe application for not only adults, but for teenagers and children as well.

To answer that question you need to go back to the early 80’s when Medifast was first being developed. Medifast knew that to be successful and to deliver great results, they needed to involve the medical community from the very beginning. So, the program was developed with doctor support and contributions from those early days. Also, before Medifast started selling directly to customers like they do today, it was sold exclusively through medical providers. By 1992 over 15,000 doctors had joined the Medifast Medical Provider Network. Today, that number is verified at over 20,000. It is estimated that number is actually closer to 30,000, but the FDA has not verified this as of yet according to the Medifast Executive Chairman.

Medifast works very hard at supporting the medical community. The Medifast Medical Providers Network is geared specifically at medical doctors who provide weight loss guidance and support for their patients. Medifast works hard with their doctor network to ensure they have the tools necessary to help their patients diet with Medifast safely and effectively.

Dr. Pecararro discusses how he learned of Medifast’s effectiveness by using it himself. 

Medifast has also done their homework and produced a number of clinical studies for physicians to review and use as background data in helping evaluate patients for the diet plan that will best suit their needs.

We would strongly encourage you to check with your doctor before you start any weight loss program. This is especially critical if you have any serious health conditions already.



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