Our Medifast Guide

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So, you are intersted in learning more about Medifast, but without all the corporate marketing speak? You have come to the right place. Besides the indiviual program info below, browse our links in the left pane of our site. Learn about why doctors choose Medifast and where you can catch up with all things Medifast in social media and much more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or catch up with us in our discussion forum linked above.

Medifast For Women

Medifast for Women is based on their successful " 5 & 1 Plan" that has proven itself over and over again. The nutritional balance is specially formulated for women and their needs. Expect to lose 8 to 20 pounds per month. Above all, Medifast is really easy to use with controlled portions and caloric intake.
Medifast For Men

Medifast is perfect for guys. First, it is incredibly easy. Everything is done for you, no calorie counting, no sweating over agonizing decisions at the grocery store. Simply follow the 5 & 1 Plan to a thinner you. You will get plenty to eat and still feel full at the end of the meal!

For tips on healthy dieting for diabetics, The Medifast Plan highly recommends visiting the ADA (American Diabetes Association) web site, specifically their weight loss section.

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