Medifast Success Stories – Women


This is the section of our site dedicated to the success stories of female dieters who were able to meet their healthy weight loss goals by utilizing the Medifast program.

If you have your own success story you would like to submit, please drop us a line and let us know.


This spectacle wearing heroine of weight-loss brings here weekly diary to YouTube viewers around the country. A touchingly real and candid look at very real results. Sure, steady 2-4 lbs losses keep her going strong and confident.

At week nine in this clip lovelybeautiful has lost nearly 27 pounds from her starting weight. She seems to be a model for realistic weight loss expectations, and it is hard not to find yourself quietly rooting for her along the way.


“I’m no longer obese! Yay!” Even after what Jess describes as a “tough two weeks,” she is very upbeat and still going strong with the program at week 20! Having lost 49 pounds to drop down to 161, she is very pleased with her results and honest with herself about some ’snacking’ issues she ran into of late.

She is dedicated though, and Medifast is helping her stay on target. Even her bad period yielded another couple of pounds shed. You gotta love Jess, if only for her awesome eagle tapestry she uses as her back drop.


“End of week 9 on Medifast – I love this program!” Medifast works because people stick with it. Amanda here is another example of how straightforward it is to keep on the program.

At the start of week ten where we catch up with Amanda here, she has already eclipsed her 30 pound goal, and is excited to keep going on the program. So far, having to buy new pants two sizes smaller “in the normal person’s section” has been one of her highlights.


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