Medifast Success Stories – Men


This is the section of our site dedicated to the success stories of our often overlooked, but never forgotten male dieters. These guys were able to leverage a realistic diet program that is specifically tailored to meet their dietary requirements and not leave them hungry all the time in the process.

If you have your own success story you would like to submit, please drop us a line and let us know.

Jeff Heck: The men seem to be shy about talking about Medifast in front of the camera and posting it up anywhere, so you are just going to have to learn about Jeff the old fashion way, by reading.Like a lot of men, Jeff was athletic as a child and his younger years and was active enough to counteract his poor eating habits. Then he started getting older, sitting behind a desk and travelling for business. His waist grew up to a 44”, and when his wife started the Medifast plan he joined on to support her.The result? Jeff is now a 32” waist and most critically, Medifast has helped him change his poor eating choices and habits. The great thing that Jeff points out is that he has been able to keep the weight off even after finishing his Medifast diet. Medifast showed him how to eat healthy, balanced meals anytime, anywhere. Jeff in his own words
Brian Jones: Brian may not be on YouTube, but he is certainly not shy about showing off his new body. Brian realized he had to do something when his doctor recommended he try Medifast to help relieve issues he was having with sleep apnea.Brian obliged, and shed the first 45+ pounds with the help of Medifast. Then, like Jeff above here, was able to harness the momentum he gained from Medifast and go it on his own, by eating healthy and more regularly.Oh, and he started working out as well. Brian is a lean 200 lbs, and cuts an imposing figure. He has gone so far as to achieve “Transformation of the Week” on Impressive. Brian in his own words
Brent Mouzakis: Brent was an undeniably large man at 334 pounds, but it seems Medifast was up for the task. Brent lost one hundred and forty pounds, yes that is right, 140 lbs. for the six months he was on Medifast. That is like losing your average grown woman from your frame. Truly impressive.Brent sounds like a mild mannered guy, but he is also a supportive cheerleader for those around him that are also struggling with weight issues. Since Brent’s transformation, three co-workers, a fellow motorcycle club member and his wife have all used the Medifast program.Brent’s before and after pictures are worth the click alone. Brent in his own words


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