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Review Snippet: “Medifast was the only commercial plan to receive an above average rating. In fact, dieters said they lost more weight on the low-calorie Medifast program than any other diet rated by Consumer Reports: a typical weight loss of 20 to 43 pounds for men and 14 to 40 pounds for women.”

Our Take: The great thing about this report was that it was actually a survey of 9000 real dieters using the various programs. Medifast did very well in most categories, placing 2nd overall and number 1st for weight loss. Medifast was also found to be significantly less expensive than Jenny Craig and the food to be considerably tastier than Nutrisystem offerings.

WebMD Medifast Review

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Review Snippet: “American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, agrees that the Medifast diet should be done with the approval or under the supervision of your health care provider. She says has used the program in a doctor’s office with diabetic patients with good results.”

Our Take: This is by far the most comprehensive and professional Medifast review we have been able to find online. WebMD is a trusted sources for information and it is clear they are very neutral and professional in their evaluation. It does seem to lack any sort of testimonials and actual real world results, but it is written by WebMD’s Director of Nutrition, Kathleen Zelman. Medifast Review

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Review Snippet::I’ve been on MediFast for almost 9 months and I’ve lost 110 pounds. After reading some of the reviews below, keep in mind most of negative reviews didn’t follow the plan. The most common error I read was ” salad for dinner” and 500 calories per day. This is incorrect. The “real food” meal is once a day and a large quantity of food.”

Our Take: is a well known and respected site for consumers to voice their unique personal experiences. Although this particular section is supposedly dedicated to Medifast Plus, Medifast’s program for diabetics, most of the reviews here are from non-diabetics who use the program as well. If you want to see what real people want to say about Medifast that aren’t trying to sell the product for some financial gain, this is a great place to start.

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Review Snippet: “When used properly, Medifast can be a healthy, effective diet. “Not everybody is going to be a candidate for this diet, so you need to work with a medical doctor or registered dietitian to make sure you qualify,” Brown-Riggs said.”

Our Take: This article shows up in AOL Health channel via their “That’s Fit” section. It interviews noted dietician Constance Brown-Riggs, national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association which goes well beyond what most Medifast “reviews” you will find out there on the internet. AOL is definitely not in Medifast’s pocket, and the ADA is certainly not. There is great, honest information in the review and they make it clear that it isn’t for everyone.

US News Medifast Review

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Review Snippet: “Moreover, the carbs in the Medifast diet are low on the glycemic index, a measure of a carb’s effect on blood sugar. Low-GI carbs are said to keep your blood sugar and metabolism steady and you feeling fuller longer.”

Our Take: This is a great, in-depth review orchestrated by U.S. News & World Report as part of their Health section in which they review dozens of diet plans great and small. This review is high on facts, short on opinions and quotes numerous studies throughout. It includes everything from Pro’s and Con’s to specifics about pricing, taste, fullness, potential health risks and other intricate details many other reviews simply ignore. All in all, a very complete analysis of the Medifast program.

NYU Medifast Review

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Review Snippet: “Also, one study found that women on a meal replacement diet were more likely to meet their vitamin and mineral requirements than those on a food-based, calorie-restricted diet. A study sponsored by Medifast also found that the diet may promote fat loss, not muscle loss.”

Our Take: Done by the NYU Langone Center and School of Medicine, this review provides the medical establishments view of the Medifast diet. Like the US New review above, this review also relies on published studies for factual statements. Thankfully this is not a frustratingly academic (and impossible to decipher) review, as it features easy to follow info and guidance all wrapped in a no-nonsense and concise package. As an added bonus, the review is also available en Español.

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