Medifast Plus for Diabetics

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Medifast Plus is a program that is targeted toward dieters wishing to employ Medifast for weigth loss who have diabetes. Due to the special dietary concerns facing those of us affected by diabetes, Medifast has carefully crafted custom diet solutions geared exclusively toward diabetics.

Medifast Plus Diabetes Program

The Medifast Plus program for diabetics is easy and straightforward, with an emphasis controlling portions via eating at consistent intervals throughout the day. Research scientist from a significant East coast medical center administered an 86-week diabetic weight reduction study comparing the defacto American Diabetes Association diet plan to the diabetes optimized Medifast Plus program. Test subjects that were randomly choosen to receive Medifast prepared meals lost twice as much weight and were twice as likely to conform with the diet as those test subjects whom were relegated to the standard AMA suggested diet.

Approximately 40% of the Medifast participants lost ≥5% of their initial weight compared with 12% of those on the standard ADA diet. Additionally, 24% of Medifast users decreased or eliminated their diabetes medication compared to 0% on the standard ADA diet. Participants in the Medifast group achieved significantly lower levels of fasting glucose, insulin and HbA1c, lipids and blood pressure after losing weight.

American Diabetes Association

This well researched study helped bolster Medifast’s position that their Medifast Plus program is an effective and safe program for people suffering from type 2 diabetes to lose weight and recapture a healthier lifestyle. There will be a higher chances of sticking with the diet and improvements will come sooner than with the standard ADA recommended program.

For even more in-depth info, we have made available the comprehensive PDF guide for the Medifast Plus for Diabetics program:  Medifast Plus Diabetics Guide

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