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You wanted it, you asked for it, and here it is. The Medifast Plan’s round up of everyone’s favorite diet program out in world of social media. Whether you are just trying to connect with fellow Medifasters out there on the Internet, or you are researching whether this diet is right for you, our guide to Medifast in the social media will fit the bill.

Facebook Everyone’s favorite place to talk about themselves and what they are doing. Also a great place to meet and interact with other fellow Medifasters and see what they are doing.Medifast on Facebook– The official Medifast site on Facebook. Very active with lots of fans. Great insight into what is going on at Medifast HQ.”Medifast” – Smaller Medifast ‘support’ type group based out of Portland Oregon. These types of groups can be great because they are local and you can organize in person meetings.Medifast Success Club– Another large group that is focused on supporting fellow Medifasters and sharing the experience, trials, tribulations and ultimately the successes of this diet program.
TwitterMedifast for those with a short attention span and can’t comprehend reading more than 160 characters at a time. It is like social media on a diet! Official Medifast Twitter Page – They don’t have one! Write and let them know they need one.Brian, the Medifast PR & Marketing Mgr.– So, okay maybe this is the official one, but it is tough to tell. With over 800 followers, it certainly is popular.The Medifast Plan on Twitter– Our own (just launched) official Twitter home. The latest news, ruminations and ramblings 140 scintillating characters at a time.MedifastNow – A very well followed independent Twitter account with over 1400 followers. Links to blog posts as well.
MySpace, the company that taught everyone how to create web pages and develop a social network. Medifast is well represent with reviews and full diet plan
Prominent Medifast BlogsBlogs are the original social media platform. Here is a selection of diet blogs that are Medifast focused. From the official, to the fun and friendly, read up about how to best maximize your Medifast diet and have fun doing it too! Official Medifast Blog– The official blog of Medifast which is really a running diary of celebrity endorsers like Kristy Swanson and every day Medifast dieters.The Medifast Plan– Our own blog and website dedicated to the Medifast diet plan. We hope you like it. Of course you wouldn’t be here if you didn’ – News on the company, tips on successful use of the program.



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