Medifast Certified Gluten Free Option

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Millions of Americans have difficultly with gluten, whether it be something as acute as celiac disease, or more general gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy. Even though Dr. Aktins might think otherwise, it is more than possible to overweight without consuming gluten products. So, you are thinking about giving the Medifast diet a try but you fall into one of the categories above. Do you have options? Yes you do! Medifast certified gluten free meal plans.

Medifast Gluten Free Certification

Medifast has worked with the GFCO ( to certify products and entire meal plans as gluten free. Just look for the GF label above and you quickly know that a product or entire meal plan is certified. No pouring over the fine print of the ingredient list, no lengthy research on the web, no worrying. Medifast is excited to provide this service to their customers and to make the process of losing weight with gluten sensitivities easier to manage.

Medifat Gluten Free Meal Plan

Medifast has long offered gluten-free products, but this certification program was a logical step in helping our customers more easily identify the Medifast programs and food offerings that will allow them to effectively lose weight without worry of negative dietary impact of gluten. The GFCO has currently certified a number of Medifast products individually as well as entire two and four week meal packages. Here is a sampling of individual GFCO certified Medifast gluten-free products currently available:

Banana CrËme 55
Banana CrËme 70
Banana Pudding
Chai Latte
Chicken & Wild Rice Soup
Chocolate Pudding
Cranberry Mango Drink
Creamy Tomato Soup
Dutch Chocolate 55
Dutch Chocolate 70
French Vanilla 55
French Vanilla 70
Hot Cocoa
Maryland Crab Soup
Momentum Cappuccino
Orange CrËme 55
Orange CrËme 70
Peach Tea
Raspberry Tea
Scrambled Eggs
Strawberry CrËme 55
Strawberry CrËme 70
Swiss Mocha 55
Swiss Mocha 70

Tropical Punch Drink
Vanilla Pudding
Whey Cherry Pomegranate
Whey Dark Chocolate

The Gluten-Free Certification Organization is a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group®.

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