How Medifast Works – Without the Marketing Speak

So, you are seriously considering Medifast as y our diet plan of choice. Judging by our site content, you can probably figure out that this should come as no surprise. But, we also don’t work for Medifast and realize that sometimes you just need to cut through the corporate marketing speak and celebrity endorsers and understand how you can best use a program like Medifast to get back into a healthy eating lifestyle. So, let’s get to it then.

So, How Does Medifast Work?

– You eat six times a day, so hunger shouldn’t be an issue

– Depending on a number of factors, Medifast claims you can lose 2-5 lbs per week (8-20 lbs per month)

– Five of your six meals are prepared and provided by Medifast

– Your actual cost will be somewhere between $11-16 per day, depending on which meal plan you choose (average Americans spend $16 per day on food)

– Medifast prepared meals are ultraportable and require little to no prep (so no excuses when traveling etc.

In plain speak, Medifast is a meal replacement program. The intent of a program like Medifast is that you control and monitor your diet by using the food and guidance provided by Medifast. So, the good news here is that you don’t have to think or worry about caloric intake, nutrition etc., because Medifast has figured this all out for you. Twice a day you use their prepared or semi-prepared meals. They also have snack items, even some cheese puff’s if you can believe it! Then, once a day, you have what is called a “Lean and Green” meal

Do you Have Dietary Issues?

Quickly, to get some dietary issues addressed. Medifast has plans specifically geared towards diabetics. They also have a vast array of options for folks with dietary restrictions. Medifast provides vegatarian programs, certified Kosher food, gluten free options, lactose free options , shellfish free options and of course peanut free options. So, no matter your dietary restriction, Medifast probably has you covered.

What Do I Get to Eat?

So, let’s focus on the food Medifast provides. Basically, 5/6ths of your eating day will revolve around Medifast prepared foods. With the prepared side, it is pretty darn easy. You can have five of the exact same thing, like five chocolate shakes for example, or mix it  up however you want it. Your choices are these:

– Shakes (umm, chocolate…)

– Bars (think breakfast bars and the ‘good’ Power Bars)

– Pudding (more dessert!)

– Soups (and chili)

– Drinks (great for when you are traveling or super busy)

– Scrambled eggs

– Snacks (pretzels and cheese puffs if you can believe it)

Just pick any five of these to eat throughout the day. No calorie counting, no nutritional worries. It is all done for you. Simple no?

Not Everything Comes From a Packet

The other sixth of your eating journey for the day is the “Lean & Green” meal. Basically, this is a reasonable size (7 oz) serving of lean protein, such as fish or turkey, and some non-starchy vegetables, sorry no baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese, like peppers, asparagus, all the lettuces etc. Really, just a good healthy meal. Make it at home, get it take out or even eat out and still stay on your diet. As long as you aren’t eating beef and starchy veggies, you basically can eat anything else. Even buffalo!

Medifast wants you to be able to stay on the diet as much as you want to lose weight. The Lean & Green meal is a nice respite from the Medifast prepared foods and keeps you from becoming bored and perhaps a social pariah because another diet might not let you eat out.

A Typical “Medifast ” Day

So a typical day on the Medifast Plan might look like this:

– Scrambled eggs at 7 am

– Oatmeal raison Maintenance Bar at 10:30 am

– Medifast Chili at 12:30 pm

– Chocolate shake at 4 pm

– 7oz tuna steak and asparagus Lean & Green meal at 7 pm (after the gym right?)

– Pretzel snacks at 10 pm while enjoying your Lost DVD set you got for Christmas

Doesn’t sound too bad huh? Really doable actually yes? Well, then just maybe you should give it try.

Please visit our Medifast Program Overview page to see what Medifast has for women, men, diabetics and more. Check out the Advantage plan. We think this is really the best deal and easiest way to stay dedicated to the diet. Good luck with your weight loss!


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