Weight Control FAQ

Weight control means plenty of exercise and eating the right kinds of foods. Portion control and eating the proper proportions of food listed on the food pyramid is essential to creating a nutrition regimen that is more than a fast fix, but that lasts a lifetime. Below are some frequently asked questions that will help you begin your journey to lasting weight control.


Diet & Nutrition

How can I personalize my own food pyramid?

How can I find quick and easy, healthy menus?

How do I determine if my portion sizes are correct?

How many fruits and vegetables do I need to eat a day?

How much fat, protein, and carbohydrates do I need a day?

How do I create a healthy menu and do it online?

Where can I find dietary supplement fact sheets online?

Where can I find out about foods that I want to eat?

Where can I find information on fast food calories?

How do I read labels and the nutrition facts listed on them?


How do I measure the intensity of my physical activity?

How do I find my basal energy expenditure or how much energy I use?

Where can I find a sample walking program?

Where can I find a guide on exercise and aging?

Where can I find general information on how physical fitness benefits my family?

Where can I find online activity and fitness games for my kids?

How should I exercise if I am diabetic?

Where can I find information on exercise for disabled people?

Does exercise affect high blood pressure?

Body Fat

How do I calculate the amount of body fat that I have?

Where can I find information on developing a positive body image?

Where can I find information on discussing body image with my daughter?

Where do I find BMI information and calculators for my teens and small children?

What is body composition?

What is lean body weight?

Where can I find a healthy body calculator?


Where can I find information on obesity?

How can I help my overweight child?

Are rural children more obese than urban children?

Is there a bias or stigma about being obese?

What is the CATCH program and how does it prevent obesity in children?

How can I get a health program started in my school?

What are some of the complications of obesity?

Weight Loss

Where can I find general information on weight loss?

Can I safely lose weight during pregnancy?

Where can I find weight loss tips for my children?

How can I help my teenager find the right weight for his height?

How do I know if my aged parent is losing too much weight?

What is the best way for me to lose weight safely?

Where can I find updated weight charts?




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