Healthy Living – Soccer Practice Plans & Drills

At The Medifast Plan, we believe in helping our customers establish healthy lifestyles for their families. Of course, one of the best ways you can establish healthy lifestyles early is by involving your children in sports. They learn teamwork, sportsmanship, as well as the importance of exercise. Combined with healthy eating decisions, exercise through sports like soccer make your children much more likely to develop healthy habits in the future. Here are some fun soccer practice plans and drills to make sure your child gets the most he or she can from the sport.

Drills for Soccer Practice

Tips and Skills Useful for Soccer

Camps and Organizations for Soccer

  • AYSO Website: This is the official website of the American Youth Soccer Organization.
  • USA Website: This is the official website of the United Soccer Academy.
  • Frisco Soccer Website: This is the official website of Frisco Soccer, which features parent information, documents, registration, standings and games.
  • U.S. Youth Soccer Website: This website offers visitors multimedia, programs and sponsors to various coaches and soccer players.
  • Play Soccer Website: This is the website of an international, nonprofit website that encourages kids to participate in sports.
  • Spirit of Soccer Website: The Spirit of Soccer is a charity for kids that uses soccer to save the lives of kids.
  • Grassroots Soccer Website: Grassroots Soccer is a group, which uses the influence of soccer to battle back against HIV and AIDS.
  • Soccer in the Streets Website: This is the website of a group that relies on soccer to turn out employable adults.

Resources for Soccer

  • Amateur Soccer Coach: This website features a lot of articles, video lessons and tutorials for coaching and soccer.
  • Better Soccer Website: Better Soccer features advice on getting around coaching problems and soccer practice drills.
  • Soccer Agent Website: Soccer Agent is made for players and coaches since it is a recruiting database for worldwide soccer.
  • Soccer World for Girls: This website is a news source targeting girls under 18 with appropriate details on playing and coaching soccer.
  • ATI Soccer Website: ATI Soccer is all about soccer programs for Brazilian and American youth.
  • Soccer Dads and Soccer Moms: California State University offers tips that soccer dads and moms can use when dealing with their kids.
  • Soccer Suggestions: The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh details basic suggestions kids can use to have a better time on the field.
  • Oswego Soccer Resource Page: Oswego’s Youth Soccer Association presents a huge soccer resource page full of links with more information.

Online Soccer Games and Activities

  • Online Soccer Games Hub: This website features a host of online soccer games like Sumo Sushi Soccer and Suburban Goalie.
  • Soccer Game Website: My Football Games features various online soccer games like Soccer Memory and BMO Soccer Shootout.
  • Soccer Games Galore: Soccer Game Spot offers visitors a myriad of soccer games like Super Soccer and Goal in One.
  • Soccer Games for Free: Free Online Soccer Games presents visitors with online soccer games such as World Cup Football and Penalty Kick World Cup.
  • AGame Website:  AGame provides soccer enthusiasts with online soccer games such as Magical Kicks and Beat the Wall.
  • Net Soccer Games Website: Net Soccer Games is the home of online soccer games like Super Free Kicks and Elastic Soccer.
  • Soccer Online Games for Free: This website features online soccer games like Baggio’s Magical Kicks and World Cup 2010.
  • Power Soccer Website: Power Soccer bills itself as the best 3D soccer game in the whole world.

Soccer Safety