Shape Up Playing Basketball

Basketball can be a very intense workout that can be beneficial to anyone who decides to play. It produces a lot of sweat, which rids the body of toxins; encourages heavy breathing, which brings in more oxygen into the brain and muscles; and moves almost every part of your body, which tightens your muscles and loosens up your joints.  Combined with a healthy diet, playing basketball can be a great way to shed pounds and gain muscle. Getting into shape using sports also produces feel-good hormones, such as endorphins, which relieves stress, boosts self-confidence and it can improve an individual’s mood. Most importantly, basketball is a sport that anyone can play during their free time with friends or alone. If you want to shape up and have fun at the same time, then pick up a ball and go throw some hoops!

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Behind The Scenes

Basketball has a defined set of rules, which any sports enthusiast should understand. These rules determine scoring and fouls, as a result from mild to severe violations. Naturally, players have to understand the rules to play the game. The objective of the game is to score the highest amount of points against the opposing team while trying to avoid committing fouls that could put either team at a disadvantage. Some fouls give the other team a chance to score ahead by two points because of free throws. Basketball uses different strategies in order to defend and score points on the opposite team.

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Basic Basketball Rules

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Before You Start

Before engaging in any physical activity, a warm up is recommended to prevent injury to the muscles and to lubricate the joints. In basketball, players do some stretching to limber up the abdominals, calf muscles, hamstrings, gluteus muscles and quadriceps. Players may also practice moving their ankles, knees, hips, trunk, shoulders and neck in back and forth as well as circular motions in order to get more blood flow into those areas. In addition, players may also perform skipping and slide movements to increase blood flow to the leg muscles. Aside from active and dynamic stretching, players also practice ball handling and shooting drills to respond more efficiently during the game.

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Playing The Game

The following links lead to specific information on basketball positions, strategies, shooting techniques, rebounding tips, passing, dribbling, and blocking methods. The links consist of a variety of visual ways to show someone about the game of basketball. Basketball details such as footwork and hand movements, calories burned, muscles used and possible injuries from playing the game are included in the links below. The list includes the most reliable sources, including expert advice and official data from athletic associations.

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During The Game

Players dribble, shoot, jump, and run while playing a game of basketball. These types of movements put intense pressure on joints and muscles. There can be consequences if a player fails to warm up before a game. A player can receive hamstring injuries or even sprains from a lack of preparation for that game. Aside from stretching exercises, players should also drink water regularly to prevent dehydration during the game. They should also eat as much protein that is suitable for their diet in order to help with muscle strength and to help repair any injuries during practice or a game.

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After The Game

After a basketball game, players should immediately hydrate by drinking fluids high in sodium and potassium. Players should also eat as much protein and carbohydrates as they can to replace the used up energy and keep the muscles strong. Aside from hydration and nutrition, players recover fast when they perform exercises that wind down their muscles and regulate their systems back to normal. Once they are injured, they should rest, put ice on the injury to reduce swelling, wrap the area with bandage, and elevate the injured area above the heart level.

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Variations and Similar Ways for Everyone to Play Basketball

Any person can play basketball. In fact, there are many variations of the game and some can even accommodate athletes with disabilities. Some of the variations include playing in water or on sand, or only having two-player teams. These types of basketball games have the same basic rules in shooting, ball handling, and violations with the only difference is different equipment that is used, such as a wheelchair for disabled persons. The links below show more variations of the game of basketball that can accommodate anyone’s skills.

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