Nutrition and Diet Tools

If navigating the sea of nutrition and diet information makes you feel like the boat overturned and you are drowning, take heart. The overwhelming amount of information – much of it conflicting with years of diet advice from respected health care professionals – is confusing. The benefit of a tool like the Internet is the ease with which nutrition and diet tools can be located and utilized.

Nutrition Analysis Tool – NAT is provided by the University of Illinois. This nutrition analysis tool helps individuals plan nutrient dense diets.

Eating Personality Test – Short quiz to help plan the right diet based on dominant eating personality.

The Medifast Plan – Our program, which plans out your meals for you, giving you the best chance at weight loss success.  Check out our deals!

Healthy or Trendy? Diet Quiz – Take this short quiz to learn how to plan nutrient rich meals.

Healthy Diet Quiz – Take the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) Healthy Diet Quiz and learn how to reduce your cancer risk.

Understanding Food Labels – Comprehensive guide to decoding the mystery of food label information.

Fitness Self-assessment – Simple test guides you in self-assessing fitness levels and suggests ideas on becoming more active.

Calorie Counter – Large food database and calorie counter. No-cost calorie counter tool with free membership.

Calories Burned Calculator – Calories burned calculator (free) lets you tabulate calories burned during various activities.

Keeping a Food Diary – Track portion sizes, calories consumed, and other nutrition data in this convenient online food diary tool.

Daily Caloric Needs – Adults can figure out their daily caloric needs by using the Daily Calorie Needs Calculator for Adults. Information is also included on ways to fit more activity into daily life to balance calories.

Diet Analysis – MyPyramid dietary analysis tool helps you assess fitness and quality of diet.

Daily Needs Calculator – Weight maintenance calculator for women automatically calculates the daily calories needed to maintain a certain body weight.

Proper Portion Sizes – Do you really know how many calories are in that super-sized fast-food meal? Take the Food Portion Quiz – you may be shocked by the answer.

Serving Conversion Calculator – The recipe calls for cups, but how many cups does one stick of butter equal? With the serving conversion calculator in your nutrition tool-kit, calculating the right amount is a piece of cake.

Virtual Snack Machine – Visit the virtual snack machine and learn how to choose healthy snacks from all the other nutrition-dead choices.

Meal Planner Tool – Use the Create-A-Diet tool to customize either a heart-healthy or TLC diet for your health.

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator – This handy tool from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) calculates adult BMI. The BMI calculator is designed for adults ages 20 and up.

BMI and Calorie Calculator – The Adult BMI and Calorie Calculator is an online tool for assessing daily calorie needs and planning healthy diets based on individualized caloric needs.

Glycemic Index Tools – Glycemic index table listing the glycemic index of common favorite foods like cereals and fruits.

Spend Smart – Eat Smart – Handy calculating device to help you maximize food dollars and prepare meals in accordance with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines.

Dietary Assessment Tool – NutritionQuest is a free online questionnaire to assess the dietary quality of your consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fiber.

Thrifty Food Plan Calculator – Learn to include nutrition-rich foods in meal plans and balance budget constraints with this handy tool. The calculator is available as a free online download in Excel, Word, or PDF format.

Food Pyramid Servings – Find out how pyramid servings stack up and other vital nutritional information with this fact sheet tool. Print and post on the refrigerator to stay on track nutritionally.

Cholesterol Calculator – The LDL cholesterol goal level calculator is a risk assessment tool to estimate the long-term risks of heart attack or cardiac disease.

Healthy Dining Finder – Healthy Dining, funded by a grant from the CDC, has developed the Healthy Diner Finder tool. It is an interactive guide to finding dietitian-approved menu items for dining in or outside the home.

Carb Counter – Keeping track of your daily carb intake is made easy with this resourceful list of the net carbs in many of the foods we eat regularly.