Diet and Nutrition Apps Review

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You have a latest generation smartphone like an Apple iPhone or perhaps that Motorola Droid you keep hearing about. One of the greatest things about these devices are the many thousands of “apps” that have been created to run on them. There over 100,000 of them for the iPhone, and the Android operating system that runs the aforementioned Droid an other phones like the T-Mobile G1, Verizon Eris etc., has about 10,000.

So, you have to figure there are some sweet apps out there to help with your diet and nutrition. And you would be figuring right. Below you will find our initial reviews of several apps we found for the iPhone that we felt all of our readers should know about.

The Free Apps

Everyone loves free right. Here is our selection of top free apps we found in iTunes and installed on our iPhones.

Lose It! by FitNow

App Store Keyword: Lose It!

App Store Ratings: 1633

App Store Stars: 3.5

Overview: Lose It! is a popular app and for good reason. It is a very comprehensive tool for helping you create a simple straightforward plan and then helping you stick with it. The great thing about Lose It! is that it is more than just a calorie counter and nutrition look-up guide. It is a comprehensive weigth loss and excercise plan that you carry around with you on your iPhone. Look up nutrition from the built in database or add in your own data. By inputting your food intake and your excercise you have done for the day, Lost It! uses this data, plus your weight loss goals to create an adaptive plan for you to follow and gives you a calorie budget as you progress along.

What We Liked: It is amazing that this is a free tool. A few years ago you might have had to pay $50 for software like this for your computer. And you wouldn’t have been able to carry it with you in your pocket. If you take the time to have this set-up properly, it gives you a very real and accurate picture for how you can succeed at losing weight. Since it is free, Medifast users would like it to help measure their Lean & Green intake as well as help with monitoring exercise activities.

What We Didn’t Like: Because Lose It! is so comprehensive and capable, it might offer too many options and choices that can confuse or befuddle well intentioned dieters. Not everyone has the time, engergy and will power to set it up completely and to stay on top of everything it can provide.

Our Rating:  4.0 out of a possible 5.0


Your Ideal Weight by Movisol

App Store Keyword: Your Ideal Weight

App Store Ratings: 10603

App Store Stars: 3

Overview: This is a very simple app from the folks at Movisol. For all intents it is a powered up BMI calculator, and as you may have read in our various blog postings, we are not sold as to the BMI being the be-all, end-all. You start by selecting your gender where Your Ideal Weight tells you the obvious. For example, after you select “Male” the program tells you that “With the same height and build, men weight more than women.” You don’t say! Then you enter your height and current weight. Once that is done a new screen pops up (see screen shot below) that tells you what your ideal weight is. Results include doctor recommended ranges and a weight that people apparently aspire to have that have you current build. We need to lose 10 lbs if we want to be a sheep it seems.

What We Liked:  It really doesn’t get any simpler than this. Takes all of 90 seconds to set-up and get results. Your four year old kid or 94 year old grandma could do it. It is free.

What We Didn’t Like: Where does the top aspirational ideal weight come from? Did Your Ideal Weight do a major survey to get this data? When was it done? A little too simple and it is unlikely you will use it more than once or twice.

Our Rating: 2.5 out of a possible 5.0


The Paid Apps

iFitness by Medical Productions Inc.

App Store Keyword: iFitness

App Store Ratings: 389

App Store Stars: 4.5

Cost: $1.99

Overview: Look out gym haters, this app isn’t for you. But if you need/want to get into the gym it pains you even think about dealing with a personal trainer, yet you need personal training, this is your app ladies and gentleman. Exercises are diagramed, explained, reps suggested and many of the exercises even have videos to show you what you need to do. Even though it is focused on personal training it also shows you what aerobic programs you could be doing to help you in that area as well.

What We Like: For $1.99 you get better info and guidance than most personal trainers. Extremely comprehensive and the perfect antidote to a personal trainer barking in your ear or chatting with all the other people in the gym when they are supposed to be working with you.

What We Don’t Like: You might not like being seen with a personal trainer, but is it any better to be staring at your iPhone the entire time you are at the gym? The iPhone can’t push you to go beyond your perceived limits like a good trainer. Some people really need to be barked at. It is much easier to blow off a $1.99 investment than the hundreds you would spend on a good personal trainer.

Our Rating: 4.75 out of a possible 5.0


Calorie Tracker by LIVESTRONG.COM

App Store Keyword: LIVESTRONG.COM

App Store Ratings: 3008

App Store Stars: 3.5

Cost: $2.99

Overview: Spendy by App Store standards at $2.99, we feel that the Calorie Counter is well worth it. Mainly, because it is much more than a simple calorie counter and calorie reference database. Look up restuarant nutrition info for more than half a million items. Track what you ate with the “I Ate This” button. Even track when you ate. Then you can get to exercising which combines iFitness with a calorie counter (although not as comprehensive in excercises). Then track your workout and manage your weight and goals. It is like all of the other apps we reviewed here combined into one.

What We Like: Calorie Counter by LIVESTRONG.COM does pretty much everything you could possibly want to monitor your nutrition and exercise.

What We Don’t LIke: Calorie Counter by LIVESTRONG.COM is trying to be all things to all people. While it takes the most critical elements from a lot of other diet and nutrition apps, it lacks depth in certain areas that might be appealing to a lot of people.

Our Rating: 4.0 out of a possible 5.0



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